Sports In The Portland Area

Sports and beer practically go hand in hand! On game day what are you typically doing? If you're not on the couch with a beer, or at your favorite sports bar with a beer, you're either at the game or tailgating, you guessed it with a beer. And that's the way it should be! But if you're at the game or tailgating, you have to be conscious of how you'll get home and if you're the DD that can put a little damper on your game day shenanigans. Luckily for you, there's Portland Limo Service! Whether you're the number one fan of the Timers, the Trail Blazers, the Winterhawks, or Portand Steel, we've got you covered, so you just go ahead and enjoy the game and have a few drinks!

Going to the game

We love our sports here in Portland, but getting to the games can be a hassle. The traffic, the parking - who needs that stress? Plus you can't really pre-game when you have to drive to the venue. When Portland Limo Service takes you to the game, you don't have any stress! Traffic? You won't notice because your pre-game drinking will have already begun on the limo or bus! Parking? No worries there, as we'll drop you off right out front!

Leaving the game

Have you ever left a game early to beat the traffic on the way out? Have you ever sat through an entire game with not a single adult beverage because you have drive home all your friends? Again, leave it all to us! You don't miss any of the last minute scores or excitement because you won't be worried about traffic! We pick you right up, and once you're back on the luxurious vehicle you won't have a worry in the world. Traffic doesn't matter when you have all the entertainment features of our vehicles at your disposal! You don't have to worry about the DD either because you'll have us! Now you can enjoy a few drinks with all your friends and be at peace knowing that you have a safe ride home with your Portland Limo Service chauffeur!


Have you ever gone tailgating with a party bus? It's quite the experience! Get your friends together, stock the vehicle coolers, and get the party started! We have great sound systems, TVs, AM/FM stereo, bar space, and tons of room to relax! Set up the grill outside the bus and get to tailgating! If it's a hot day you and your friends will love having the air conditioned bus to cool down in! And with so much cooler space you'll have more than enough drinks stocked for overtime! It's tailgating in a luxurious way!