Pricing Policies

We keep growing and you keep saving! When you've got an important date coming up, the last thing that you want is to short-change yourself on quality due to a budget problem. That's why we work with every possible money-saving factor that we can, in an effort to lower the cost of your limo or party bus quote. Here are some of the ways in which we still - and will always - attempt to save you money...

We have special rate packages. Some of these are based on the time of day, the amount of time and/or the type of event. A few of them are permanent pricing policies and some are the type that we can only implement at certain times. However, if there is any chance of us giving you a package-based price break, we will take it! That is how we have kept so many long-time clients in the Portland area.

In an attempt to be as informative as we can be, we'd like to urge you to consider booking on a week day. (If that is possible). We are able to give lower rates on weekdays than on weekends. If you can't book during the week we will still work with many other variables to try and lower your cost. We have enough of a demand for our services that we do not have to raise the price on any single customer. Then again, we wouldn't practice that way of doing business anyway!

We also utilize "peak" and "off-peak" times of the year and oftentimes, one of those periods will drop your cost a bit. Where you need your initial pick-up done can help us to determine a lower cost, as well. After all, this business is all about availability of vehicles - when it comes to reserving one for a particular day.

The best practice that will save you the most is to call us with all of the information that you can put together. Let us know what date you are planning, how many passengers you are accommodating, what kind of event that you are having and how long you need the limo or party bus. If you give us all of that information, we'll use the information of our industry to try and reach a very happy point for everyone, in terms of pricing.

Our phones are always available for you and so is our email inbox. Our booking agents will try everything in their power to give you the best (read: lowest) price that is available! See for yourself by shopping at Charleston Party Bus Costs and Richmond Party Bus Costs.