Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our company policies? We've complied a list of our most frequently asked questions below along with their answers! If you have more questions just give us a call!

1. How big of a limousine or party bus should I rent?

This is a question that prospective clients need to ask even more when they call us. We try and cover this bit of information whenever we talk to someone but, at times, it slips our minds. Thankfully, we now have a home online to cover this very important detail...

The passenger sizes of buses and limousines are based on Department of Transportation regulations; which specify 14" of sitting space per person. Therefore, if you are having an event that involves mostly (or all) adults, we recommend getting a bus or limo that has a bit higher capacity than the amount of actual people you will have.

2. Are drinks allowed on the vehicles?

Yes - permitting everyone in your party is of legal alcohol consumption age. Our drivers can't provide the drinks but we do have custom-made coolers and bar areas on the vehicles, stocked with ice, cups and paper towels.

3. Will the vehicles be stocked with drinks?

No, we cannot provide you with alcohol. However, you can certainly bring your own adult beverages on board! As stated above, parties who are of legal drinking age are more than welcome to drink on the vehicles!

4. Can we smoke on the vehicles?

There is no smoking allowed. This is so our vehicles stay fresh and clean for all our customers to enjoy.

5. Do I have to make a deposit?

In order to reserve a vehicle, yes, we do require that you pay a deposit. Quotes are of course free, but keep in mind that getting a quote does not put the vehicle on hold for you - you must pay the deposit in order to reserve a vehicle.

6. How many stops can my group make? How many places can we go?

All of our quotes include "unlimited stops and mileage". Therefore, you can stop as many times as you would like, go to as many places as you desire and not have to worry about extra charges or anything like that.

7. Is the driver's tip included in the price?

There is a minimum tip included in the total that we give you when we call - based on industry standards. We do encourage you to tip at your discretion, if you feel that your driver has truly done a great job!

8. Can children come on board?

Yes they can! If there are going to be children and those under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on the vehicles. We are great for children's birthdays and proms.

9. Can I cancel my reservation?

No. There are no cancellations once you have put your deposit down. You will be required to pay the full amount whether you use the service or not.

10. What are you hours of operation?

We operate 24/7! 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year! This includes both our vehicle availability and customer service. This means you can call us to get a quote at 1am if you wish or schedule your limo rental to begin at 7am or to end at 4am or anything in between!

11. Can I view your vehicles in person?

Absolutely! Just give us a call and let us know what vehicle you're interested in and when you'd like to stop in and we'll let you know if the vehicle is available for viewing. We definitely recommend calling ahead of time to be sure that the vehicle you want to see is available for viewing and not out on a run.

12. Can you point me to companies in other areas?

Yeah no problem! Some reputable people we have done business with many times in the past are Battle Creek Limo and Nashville Limo. Our favorite is DC Limo.