About Portland Limo Service

We are a company that gladly listens to every suggestion that our clientele gives us and tries its best to respond to them. That's why we've expanded our Fleet of vehicles to meet your needs and we've also found all kinds of ways to lower your Prices for Limousines and Party Buses. There is always still room for improvement, though so, please feel free to Contact Us at any time and we'd love to take in what you have to say and see what we can do to better serve you!

Over time, we've grown to be the largest and busiest Portland Limo Service and Party Bus provider and we're very proud of that fact. It's been your loyalty and communication that has given us such success and we'd love to return the favor by handling your most important events! We're confident that we've employed all of the right people, built all of the right vehicles and offered the most diverse service that any company in our industry could!

Portland Limo Service is proud to represent our entire metropolitan area on a daily basis. After all, we get to be not only a part of important events in peoples' lives but also, we get to be a major part in people's first experiences of Portland and our surrounding areas! You won't find a company that has developed a better combination of customer service, reliable vehicles, experienced drivers and knowledgeable people. Ask around about us and/or give us a call today, to find out how we do things!